Will building with rammed earth save money?

Yes! Building with rammed earth is a very sound investment. Over the long run savings are realized on significantly lower energy costs for heating and cooling. As well, rammed earth has zero maintenance costs. Rammed earth walls don’t depreciate. They remain as solid, energy efficient and beautiful as the day you move in - for hundreds of years. Most significantly, you are investing in a natural, healthy living environment. Priceless!

How is rammed earth healthier to live in?

With no toxins or allergens in the walls and the constant temperature and humidity, rammed earth allows you to breathe easily and feel comfortable year-round. The quiet peacefulness feeds the human spirit and lets you sleep soundly knowing you are also contributing to the health of the planet.

What maintenance is required for rammed earth walls?

None. The walls are fireproof and waterproof. They never need painting or repair and contain nothing for mould to grow on. All that’s left for you to do is to enjoy the clean, healthy indoor environment. .

How durable is rammed earth?

Our rammed earth walls are engineered to withstand the worst our weather can throw at them. The result is a maintenance-free life span measured in centuries, a wonderful legacy for future generations and the planet.

What is different about building with rammed earth?

In terms of comfort, energy efficiency, durability, beauty, sustainability… everything! From a construction standpoint … not much. Rammed earth is a complete wall system in one step, including everything from a stunning exterior to a beautiful interior finish: no need for separate crews to install siding, insulation, vapour/air barriers, drywall, trim and paint. Electricity and plumbing are roughed-in by ramming conduit into the walls, which requires careful planning but allows for easy upgrades later. All other interior decoration, fixtures, appliances, etc. are added as usual. And yes, you can hang paintings on the walls!

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