Will building with rammed earth save money?

Building with rammed earth is a very sound investment. Over the long run savings are realized with significantly lower energy costs for heating and cooling. As well, rammed earth has zero maintenance costs. The walls remain as solid, energy efficient and beautiful as the day you move in - for hundreds of years.

Most significantly, you are investing in a natural, healthy living environment. Priceless!

How is rammed earth healthier to live in?

Rammed earth walls contain no organic material. This means there is no potential for toxins or allergens in the walls. With their superior thermal mass and proper solar design, our walls provide your home with a constant temperature and humidity, further allowing you to feel comfortable year-round despite the extremes of Ontario's climate.

The thickness of our walls create a quiet peacefulness that lets you breathe easier (literally and figuaratively) knowing that you are not only benefiting your own health, but contributing to the health of the planet as well.

What maintenance is required for rammed earth walls?

None. The walls are fireproof and waterproof. They never need painting or repair and contain nothing for mould to grow on. All that’s left for you to do is to enjoy the clean, healthy indoor environment. Not only that, rammed earth's maintenance-free life span is measured in centuries, a wonderful legacy for future generations..

Can a rammed earth home be renovated?

Yes. Like any other home, you can renovate the interior whenever you choose to.

Can Aerecura teach me how to make my own rammed earth home?

We provide consultation services to builders, architects, and engineers, and frequently speak on panels about our expertise in the field. However, for legal and safety reasons, we do not provide training of any kind to homeowners on the rammed earth process. The popular myth about sustainable homes is that they are DIY solutions, which you can piece together like a puzzle. Our homes require the same planning steps as any other modern building technique. That planning involves all the appropriate design and engineering experts to guarantee the proficiency of the home, and more importantly, the safety of its future occupants.

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