Designing a truly sustainable home takes time and care, from developing plans best suited for the natural landscape of your property, to the last detail of the interior finish. Many builders may not always consider the ideas and wishes of the prospective home owner as an essential to building a home.

We do.

At Aerecura we place our client on a team of experts from architect to electrician. This allow each member of the building team to share their unique perspective and knowledge within the conversation on design and construction of your home, ensuring that your personal style and vision is accommodated every step of the way.

As a sustainable building and construction company, Aerecura remains mindful of the principles of Passive House and sustainable building design. Our goal is to create a more sustainable built environment within Prince Edward Count and southern Ontario. Whenever possible, Aerecura uses local, natural materials.

We are committed to ensuring our buildings and homes contribute to changing the Ontario built landscape to one that supports and demands local, natural, sustainable products and techniques for every building.

See our Portfolio for some examples of our work.

We are proud to offer the Freya Home, the first pre-designed rammed earth home in Ontario. Conceptualized by Award winning architect Terrell Wong of Stone’s Throw’s Design along with Sylvia Cook and Graham Cavalier of Aerecura, the Freya Home offers the high performance and sustainability of rammed earth at a competitive price.

Do you know what you’re looking for? Contact us for a consultation to share the vision of your future build or home. We look forward to working with you to help make your dream home a reality.