Aerecura is an established team of experienced craftspeople deeply inspired by the principles of sustainability.

Since 2009, our mission has been to bring the unique beauty, comfort and energy efficiency of rammed earth walls to Southern Ontario. We take pride in the skill and artisanship of our team in creating our high-quality, high-performance rammed earth walls and homes. 


Sylvia Cook, PRESIDENT

Sylvia, a former high school physics teacher, has always been keenly interested in sustainable living practices. After extensive research into sustainable building techniques, she settled on rammed earth as the only option for her new home. In 2009 Sylvia founded Aerecura and began construction of a rammed earth showhome in Castleton, the first insulated rammed earth home in Ontario.

A decade later, Sylvia has helped guide rammed earth to the forefront of sustainable building choices available in Ontario. She has appeared on CBC's Disrupting Design and the showhome has been featured in The Globe and Mail. As well, Sylvia has delivered talks on rammed earth to architects, builders, building officials, college and university classes, Indigenous community groups and civic planners.

In her spare time, Sylvia enjoys playing music with her talented partner Steve in the couple’s rammed earth music studio.


Graham Cavalier, project manager

Graham has been Aerecura's lead project manager since our first project in 2009. 

Graham began his relationship with the built environment at a young age, spending summers building and renovating family cottages in the Kawartha Highlands. With time this translated into doing renovations within south eastern Ontario, which is where he began to really see the need for the building industry to focus on ways to minimize the adverse environmental impacts and energy consumption of more traditional building methods. Aerecura for Graham, is part of the solution.

Graham holds a Master’s degree in Environmental Studies with a focus on sustainable building through York University.

When he’s not building, you can find him playing guitar or drums, rolling Jujitsu, or exploring the County with his wife, daughter, and dog Winnie.


Andrew is Aerecura’s road crew’s project manager, as well as our health and safety officer.

Andrew previously worked as a YMCA camp director in Haliburton while moonlighting doing carpentry and metal work to help support his family run tackle business.

Aerecura is a natural fit for Andrew, allowing him to marry his passion for promoting environmental stewardship with his love for high quality craftsmanship. His eagle eye for detailed work has had him providing our homes with gorgeous custom staircases and metal roofs, and his timber framing just keeps getting better. As our health and safety officer, Andrew plays an important role in the implementation of our risk management strategies.  

Andrew is always keen to travel and explore Ontario’s natural environment while expanding its built environment to include more sustainable options.


Richard joined our team in 2017. With an education in small engine repair and operation and a background in home renovation, Richard has quickly become a valued member of our crew and our go-to on site mechanic.

He has showed his chops as a skilled air sealer with which with his attention to detail and love for building hobby miniature models makes perfect sense.

When we asked him why he liked working with Aerecura he answered, ‘I get to play in giant machines with dirt and build amazing homes, all while working with a team of individuals whose support and encouragement is a welcome change to jobs I’ve had in the building industry’.