We choose to build our homes and yours with rammed earth because it consistently meets the highest standards for a sustainable building. Rammed earth offers:

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  • Energy efficient, low carbon footprint

  • No furnace or air conditioner needed

  • No maintenance

  • Durable (life span of 500+ years)

  • Locally sourced and natural

  • Fire and pest proof

  • High indoor air quality - mould free

  • Naturally beautiful

  • Unique, one of a kind design


Why doesn’t rammed earth wash away in the rain?

Rammed earth is building system where walls are constructed out of compacted subsoil. Essentially, we're doing what mother nature does over millennia; turning earth into solid rock.

We start each build by sourcing subsoil from a nearby quarry. We run strength tests to the soil before each build. This ensures each build’s structural integrity. Using local subsoil also further reduces the already minimal carbon footprint our homes have.

Next we prepare custom built, reusable molds (or forms) that become the temporary framework for the walls of your home.  We then mix the subsoil with a small amount of binding agent and a waterproofing agent. These further contribute to the longevity and durability of the rammed earth.

‘How are forms built?’

The subsoil mix is then shoveled in to the forms and compacted (this is the ‘ramming’ part!) in sections, or ‘lifts’. These lifts are what create the striated, asymmetrical wave patterns that make rammed earth walls so unique.

The forms are removed the next day, revealing a completed rammed earth wall.

Fun fact: you can add colour, precious stones or other distinguishing features to a rammed earth wall to add your own personal touch.


Rammed earth homes are the most sustainable home on the market today. We build practical, high-performance homes that also provide a healthier living choice for you, your family, and the environment.

Our homes provide a comfortable living environment year round without the aid of air conditioners or furnaces; perfect for the cold winters and humid summers of Ontario. This is achieved by rammed earth’s excellent
thermal mass.

‘Why doesn’t rammed earth need a furnace?’

Aerecura’s homes are designed with passive solar, which allows the walls to store the sun’s heat in the colder months of the year, then distribute that heat throughout your home. Our well insulated roofs reflect the sun in the summer. These two design features allow your rammed earth home to remain a consistently comfortable temperature year round.

Rammed earth walls are thicker than your average conventional built home. This reduces outside noise considerably, creating a very still, calm feel within your home. Because our walls do not have any organic components (like wood or plaster), it is also impossible for them to grow mold. This provides some of the best indoor air quality you can achieve. 

Rammed earth is not a new technology, it dates back centuries. In fact parts of the great wall of China are made of rammed earth! Our hope is that not only will you enjoy your rammed earth home but future generations will also enjoy the peace, tranquility and peace of mind that comes from living in a low energy, high efficiency home.