Beauty. Rammed earth is naturally beautiful, each wall unique in its appearance. And clients are able to choose colours to create their own calming atmosphere of rammed earth.

Comfort. Aerecura’s homes provide a comfortable living environment year round. Rammed earth’s thermal mass is essential in preventing temperature and humidity spikes, regardless of the season.

Rammed earth walls are also thicker than those of a conventional homes. This reduces outside noise, adding to the feeling of quiet, warmth and comfort that our homes provide. Because rammed earth walls do not contain organic components, mould cannot grow. This provides the best natural indoor air quality possible. 

‘Why doesn’t rammed earth need a furnace?’

Sustainability. Rammed earth homes are the most sustainable homes on the market today. Each of Aerecura’s homes are built with passive solar design in mind. This allows the walls to store the sun’s heat in the colder months of the year, then distribute that heat throughout your home.

One important aspect of rammed earth construction that allows for a significantly lower carbon footprint than that of a conventional stick-frame build is the fact that the subsoil used in the process is drawn from a location near the build site.

Aerecura stands by our dedication to sustainability and works only with companies with whom we have built trusted relationships and know provide the most sustainable and high performance products available.

Rammed earth is not a new technology; it dates back centuries. In fact, parts of the great wall of China are made of rammed earth.